U.S. Army Flag (Nylon)

Army Flag

Army (Nylon)

Recommended Pole Height
2' x 3' Nylon 15' - 20'
3' x 5' Nylon 15' - 20'
4' x 6' Nylon 20' - 25'
5' x 8' Nylon 30' - 35'
6' x 10' Nylon 35' - 40'

Wave your true colors with the U.S. Army flag, adorned in white letters on a crimson ribbon, with the year 1775 proudly standing high. These flags are made with heavy duty, 200-denier 100% outdoor nylon. They are screen dyed in bright, vibrant colors and finished with strong white headers and brass grommets. Made in the USA.

U.S. Army Flag (Polyester)

U.S. American (Polyster)

Army (Polyester)

Recommended Pole Height
3' x 5' Polyester 15' - 20'
4' x 6' Polyester 20' - 25'

These U.S. Army flags are made of tough 2-ply polyester, the strongest, longest lasting flag material developed for maximum durability. 2-ply polyester U.S. Army flags outlast nylon Army flags and are an excellent choice for high wind areas.

U.S. Army Ball Cap

Army Ball Cap

Army Ball Cap w/U.S. Army (3D) & Eagle

Army Cap with 3d embroidered logo. These caps are made to last. The adjustable hook and loop closure allows for a more comforable fit.

Polyester American Flag Details!

2 Ply Polyester

Detail -2ply-polyester

These flags are expertly crafted using heavyweight two-ply polyester bunting, specifically treated to resist sun and chemical deterioration. They are perfect for high wind areas.

Embroidered Stars


Beautifully embroidered snow-white stars are standard on all flags (except Nyl-Brite™ and Sun-Brite™ Flags) through sizes 8' x 12'.

Durable Brass Grommets


Grommets on flags offer the attachment point that secures the flag to the pole. We use brass for durability and stability. History and experience show brass to be the best material for this purpose.

Fully Sewn Stripes


Each stripe is cut into strips then sewn with two rows of stitching per seam. This process helps increase the flag life.

Reinforced Fly End

The fly end has four rows of lock stitching to improve durability. Lock stitching is the preferred method to help prevent fraying.

Strong White Headers


All of our flags are finished with heavy-duty, no-shrink white header material for the strongest headers in the industry. Our header is heavy white polyester canvas that is folded over the flag material, then double lock-stitched for added durability.