Polyester American Flag

American Flag

Polyester - Size - Price

Recommended Pole Height
3' x 5' Polyester 15' x 20' Pole Height
4' x 6' Polyester 20' x 25' Pole Height
5' x 8' Polyester 30' x 35' Pole Height
5' x 9' 6" Polyester 30' x 35' Pole Height
6' x 10' Polyester 35' x 40' Pole Height

We offer several options for adding a polyester U.S. flag to your home or business. This heavy-duty American made U.S. flag offers sewn stripes and embroidered or appliqued stars for a true replica of this cherished emblem of freedom and liberty for all details . Choose from several sizes to get the one that is right for the height of your flagpole. We offer options with and without pole hems as well to make it even easier to find the right option for your needs. These U.S. flags are made of tough 2 ply polyester which is the strongest, longest lasting flag material developed for maximum durability in unpredictable weather conditions. With our polyester American flag, you can fly it in any weather without worry of damage because it is extra durable in construction. Polyester American flags outlast nylon American flags and are an excellent choice for commercial or industrial use. Best of all, we offer special pricing on orders over 12 flags for an added value when buying for several locations at once. Contact us for more details today.

Nylon American Flag

American Flag

Nylon - Size - Price

Recommended Pole Height
3' x 5' Nylon 15' x 20 Pole Height
4' x 6' Nylon 20' x 25' Pole Height
5' x 8' Nylon 30' x 35' Pole Height
5' x 9' 6" Nylon 30' x 35' Pole Height
6' x 10' Nylon 35' x 40' Pole Height

We offer several options when looking for a nylon American flag in terms of size. Since the height of the flagpole will determine the size of the flag, we offer sizes ranging from 2’ X 3’ all the way to 6’ X 10’, as well as the option of having a larger size custom made to fit your needs. These heavyweight nylon flags are beautifully constructed with embroidered or appliqued stars, sewn stripes, and reinforced fly ends. This 100% nylon material is specifically manufactured for outdoor use, so you can rest assured that the flag is always flown with the respectful appearance it deserves. American Flags in sizes 2' x 3' through 6' x 10' have brass grommets for added durability and visual appeal. Click on description for product details for a more in-depth look at these options. Contact us for special pricing on orders over 12 flags when buying for multiple locations. When looking for a nylon U.S. flag, you deserve high quality in matters of construction, longevity, and appearance, as well as affordability to meet your budget. With our selection of flags, you get all of that and more!

Cotton American Flag

American Flag

Cotton - Size - Price

Recommended Pole Height
3' x 5' Cotton 15' x 20'
4' x 6' Cotton 20' x 25'
5' x 8' Cotton 30' x 35'
5' x 9' 6" Interment
5' x 9' 6" Interment

We are proud to offer wholesale prices and dependable quality with our selection of cotton flags. We are proud to say that each one of our cotton flags for sale is made in the USA. Cotton American flags are often used for their attractive appearance for presentation or ceremonial purposes. These cotton U.S. flags are not recommended for long-term outdoor use because cotton can fade with enough exposure in the sun which would be disrespectful to the honor of this flag. We do carry nylon US Flags and polyester US Flags that work great with durable outdoor quality for those seeking to display the flag outdoors. Each cotton U.S. flag has embroidered stars and sewn stripes and is finished with strong, white headers and brass grommets for a beautiful display that is high quality. Order yours today and display your patriotic pride the right way. Regardless of which size is right for you, rest assured that every option is made with the highest standards you expect while shopping with us.

Polyester American Flag Details!

2 Ply Polyester

Detail -2ply-polyester

These flags are expertly crafted using heavyweight two-ply polyester bunting, specifically treated to resist sun and chemical deterioration. They are perfect for high wind areas.

Embroidered Stars


Beautifully embroidered snow-white stars are standard on all flags (except Nyl-Brite™ and Sun-Brite™ Flags) through sizes 8' x 12'.

Durable Brass Grommets


Grommets on flags offer the attachment point that secures the flag to the pole. We use brass for durability and stability. History and experience show brass to be the best material for this purpose.

Fully Sewn Stripes


Each stripe is cut into strips then sewn with two rows of stitching per seam. This process helps increase the flag life.

Reinforced Fly End

The fly end has four rows of lock stitching to improve durability. Lock stitching is the preferred method to help prevent fraying.

Strong White Headers


All of our flags are finished with heavy-duty, no-shrink white header material for the strongest headers in the industry. Our header is heavy white polyester canvas that is folded over the flag material, then double lock-stitched for added durability.